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Southeast Asia Consumer Alliance (SEACA) was established in 2010 with a promise to deliver a comprehensive support that Consumers in Southeast Asia could relay their trust on. SEACA currently serves Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Consumer protection

Consumer protection is an essential tool in building up a people-oriented Community. SEACA has been more mindful that consumer interests and welfare have to be taken into account in all measures implemented to achieve an integrated economic region.


Consumer protection laws ensure fair competition and the free flow of correct information in the marketplace. At present, only Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam and Viet Nam have principal consumer protection acts. The remaining Southeast Asia Member States are planning or are in the process of drafting their consumer protection policies and laws. Meanwhile, consumer protection elements in these countries are covered by other legislations in order to achieve consumer protection objectives.

Our mission

To function as an intermediary body between Government sectors, non-Government sectors and consumers in identifying solutions to any complaints and ability to solve problems fairly and efficiently. We work with respective Government officials to ensure that individuals and businesses comply to the - Fair Trade Practices Policy, Competition laws, Consumer Protection laws - in particular the Consumer Protection laws governed by ASEAN countries.


Our goal

A world where consumer rights are respected and enforced, and where every rights violation has a remedy.

Our Organization

Southeast Asia Consumer Alliance (SEACA) is a global research, policy and advocacy organisation. Our work is grounded by Shill.es initiative on the Rights of Consumers.

​​Our work is based on five core beliefs

  • We believe in rights, not charity.
  • We are stronger when we work together.
  • Information is power and it should be free and accessible.
  • Societies, organisations and institutions should be open, transparent and accountable.
  • We believe in promoting consumer rights, not ourselves.

​​Our priorities for the coming years are to:

1. Monitor patterns of consumer's rights violations globally.

2. Advocate for change by:

  • initiating policy discussions, and
  • challenging violations of consumer rights through campaigns and legal advocacy.

3. Engage relevant professionals in our work and document processes, experience and expertise for others to be able to replicate.

​Our network

Southeast Asia Consumer Alliance (SEACA) in a number of coalitions and joint campaigns, we also provide space on our website for other organisations to share their contact details and resources in a purely information providing capacity.


​Unless otherwise stated, groups listed in our library are not officially linked with SEACA and have no voting or decision making power over SEACA. Listing an organisation in our library is not an indication of any financial, material or structural ties between SEACA and the listed party. SEACA is not able to accredit or authenticate any organisation listed in our library.

​​Our structure

SEACA consists of a board of trustees, called the SEACA Council, a Director and staff which is governed by MERCY Outsourcing Services. The Council meets regularly throughout the year and includes a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, elected by the Council. The Council oversees the financial situation and general direction of SEACA’s work. The Director is responsible for the day to day operations of SEACA and reports to the Council on the progress.

​Our policies

SEACA has a number of written policies covering different elements of our work. All policies are approved by the SEACA Council. These policies include, among others:

  • Equality and Non Discrimination
  • Consumer Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Ethical Procurement
  • Environmental


Please do not hesitate to contact us if need further information.


As well as endorsing openness and transparency in global institutions, SEACA believes that these values should inform every aspect of our work. Because of this, we use Open Source Software wherever possible and are working to release all of our materials and publications under the Creative Commons license. We also use environmentally sustainable solutions wherever possible, including solar power for our website and file server, recycled stationery, and taking steps to minimise our energy use. See how openness and transparency contribute to our work and how they can make a difference to yours.

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