Complaint & Resolution

Before redressing a complaint

Complaints Checklist

We can take up your case for the following scenarios



Complaints SEACA handles:


Consumer-to-business disputes

Please ensure the main complainant is the person lodging the claim. (main complainant denotes the person who made the purchase)  

You are a consumer if you make a transaction for a product or service for personal use.


What to do if you have a consumer complaint?

If you have a dispute with a retailer over consumer goods and services and the matter with the retailer remains unresolved, you can approach SEACA for advice and assistance here. Please allow 3 working days for our Consumer Relations Officer to respond.


Please attach relevant support documents, invoices and a copy of your NRIC (front and back) when submitting your complaints.



If you wish to feedback or share some experience with us, please email to [email protected] We regret that we will not be replying to the emails.




Complaints SEACA does not handle:


Business-to-business disputes

This includes any transactions between businesses and products or services purchased for business use. Should there be a dispute, you may consider checking with the Small Claims Tribunals (SCT) if you are eligible to make a claim via SCT.


Landlord and tenant claims

For disputes pertaining to deposits or rental issues, you should lodge your case with the Small Claims Tribunals SCT.


Speculation in shares, stocks, commodities, investments

If you are an investor and have dealings in shares, stocks etc. These are not consumer issues.


Accident claims

If you have a dispute with another driver in an accident, we are unable to assist.


Overseas companies

If you have bought a product overseas (except for Mainland China, India, Macao SAR and Malaysia), we cannot pursue your case.


Arbitration / Legal Options

Consumers who wish to seek free legal advice are welcome to see an officer for a prior consultation and a case assessment. At consultation, the officer will then make recommendations accordingly.  


Other than SEACA, you may wish to consider these options:  

→ Small Claims Tribunals

      The Small Claims Tribunals is part of the Subordinate Courts.

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